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Email Template

Use the email template below to contact your MP/Representative:

Dear (Name of MP),


I write to you as your constituent and as a supporter of Abdulrahman al-Sadhan, a Humanitarian Aid Worker, and a prisoner of conscience in Saudi Arabia since March 2018. As I write this, Abdulrahman is potentially being subject to torture and other inhumane and degrading treatment behind bars in Saudi Arabia for expressing peaceful opinions on Twitter. Abdulrahman has been brutally tortured, placed in solitary confinement and sexually assaulted already in the past three years in prison in Saudi Arabia. On April 5 2021, the Saudi Specialized Criminal Court sentenced Abdulrahman to 20 years in prison, to be followed by a 20-year travel ban. It's been over 5 years now since Abdulrahman's unlawful detention and his family to this day are still not permitted to communicate with him. If the ruling is not overturned, then Abdulrahman will not see his family for 40 years.

(Name of the country) ratified several important international human rights treaties and is dedicated to protecting human rights for all people. Mr/Ms (Name of MP), it is our duty to ensure that our country respects human rights , but furthermore does not legitimize horrendous human rights violations and abuses committed by our allies.


Our government engages and has a relationship with Saudi Arabia, and it is my hope that Human Rights is put at the forefront of all discussions with Saudi Arabia, now and in the future. As your constituent I would like to know what (name of country) has done to ensure the safety of political reformers in Saudi Arabia? Why is Abdulrahman al-Sadhan still arbitrarily detained after five years? Why isn’t anyone allowed to visit him? Why has there never been any investigation regarding his disappearance and torture?


We, as constituents, and you as our representatives, can not let our government engage with Saudi Arabia without making sure that basic human rights are at the core of the relationship. Please ask Saudi Arabia to free Abdulrahman al-Sadhan and his fellow activists whose sole crime was to ask for peaceful reforms in their country.



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