Humanitarian Aid Worker
Arbitrary Detained
in Saudi Arabia since March 12, 2018


Join our call for AbdulRahman's immediate and unconditional release by sharing on social media and using #FreeSadhan.


- CNN Op-ed: My brother is serving 20 years in a Saudi prison. Biden should ask MBS for his release

- Report: Saudi Arabia Government Repression in the US and Worldwide

U.S. based human rights organization Freedom Initiative issued a detailed report that investigates and analyzes the impact of Saudi Arabia's repression, detention, harassment, and entrapment of US citizens and their families. 

“Shrouded in Secrecy: Prisons and Detention Centres in #SaudiArabia”

ALQST’s latest report presents an in-depth study of the #Saudi prison system, identifying an emerging trend of increased abuse of prisoners’ rights, including horrific torture and enforced disappearance of 

AbdulRahman Al Sadhan.

- UN Special Rapporteur Report

 Highlights the Saudi regime's horrific human rights abuses, including the plight of AbdulRahman Al Sadhan. We call to #FreeSadhan and to stop human right abuses.

Amnesty International - Saudi Arabia: Authorities ramp up repression after G20 hiatus

- WP Op-ed: Saudi Arabia sentenced my brother to 20 years for tweeting. This could be his last chance.


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#FreeSadhan campaign video by Freedom Initiative:

Lengthy sentences & forced disappearances. Saudi officials trying to hide the abuses. Oct 5 2021

Message from friends on AbdulRahman's Birthday 2021:

Message form Areej, AbdulRahman's sister 2021: