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Tweet #FreeSadhan every time you see Saudi Arabia mentioned on your social media timeline.


#AbdulrahmanAlSadhan is a humanitarian aid worker – kidnapped from the #RedCross office in #SaudiArabia, tortured & forcibly disappeared. He has spent 4 years in prison for #FreedomOfExpression on @twitter. Tell @KingSalman to #FreeSadhan today.

It’s been 4 years since #AbdulRahmanAlSadhan was imprisoned in #SaudiArabia for freedom of speech. He was tortured, held in solitary confinement & denied family communication. Tell @KingSalman to #FreeSadhan immediately and unconditionally today.


Call on #SaudiArabia to release humanitarian aid worker #AbdulrahmanAlSadhan. He was tortured and held without charge for 3 years, then unjustly sentenced to 20 years for tweeting. His family are deprived from contacting him. #FreeSadhan @JosepBorrellF

#AbdulrahmanAlSadhan, a humanitarian aid worker, is still deprived from any family communication for the 4th year in a row. AbdulRahman & his family should not have to suffer another day, he should be released immediately and unconditionally #FreeSadhan @KingSalman #SaudiArabia

#AbdulRahmanAlSadhan is held incommunicado in #SaudiArabia for 4 years. His family are constituents of @SenFeinstein @SenPadilla @SpeakerPelosi and are denied from contacting their son. Demand#AbdulRahmanAlsadhan ​be free immediately and unconditionally today. #FreeSadhan

@UN Special Rapporteur Report highlights Saudi regime's horrific human rights abuses, including the plight of #AbdulRahmanAlSadhan 

We call for his immediate release #FreeSadhan

Full report:

Recent ALQST’s report shares in-depth study of the #Saudi prison system, identifying an emerging trend of increased abuse of prisoners’ rights, including horrific torture and enforced disappearance of 

#AbdulRahmanAlSadhan #FreeSadhan

Full report:

تستمر الحكومة السعودية بحرمان عائلة السدحان من التواصل مع ابنهم ‫#عبدالرحمن_السدحان او زيارته. مضت 4 سنوات منذ اعتقاله تعسفياً وإخفاء. 

نطالب بالإفراج عن السدحان والسماح لعائلته بالاطمئنان عليه